Are you paying too much in taxes?

US tax laws are complex, and it’s easy to miss deductions or credits. The best software is no substitute for an experienced tax accountant looking everything over and asking questions that a machine can’t.

We’ll make sure you get every deduction and credit you’re entitled to so you pay the least in taxes. And we’ll help you with tax-saving strategies that make sense for you and your business.

Tax planning

…so you won’t have any more year-end surprises

We’ll help you calculate the right amounts to pay so you don’t pay too much or too little. Who wants to give the IRS an interest free loan if you pay too much, or pay penalties and interest if you pay too little?

We can also help you resolve problems with the IRS and state tax authorities. IRS problems won’t go away if you ignore them and will just cost more in interest and penalties the longer you wait. We’ll help you put an end to the misery the IRS inflicts when you’re under their scrutiny. We pride ourselves on being affordable, efficient and discrete.

  • Personal & Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Scheduled Estimated Tax Payments
  • Quarterly In-depth Reviews
  • Retirement Plan Set Up (SEP IRA, SIMPLE, or 401k)
  • Tax Projections — Business and Personal
  • IRS Notice Review & Response